Labor and Employment

Labor and Employment

Gap Assessment of international certification requirements of CAQA in Jordan

As part of the USAID’s Workforce Development Program, Dajani Consulting provided a senior local occupational standards advisor to Center for Accreditation and Quality Assurance at Ministry of Labor, to conduct the gap analysis for CAQA in a list of occupations and recommend an international certification for the target sectors. The advisor determine the current status of certification and accreditation in the target sectors to estimate the size of the gap. 


We appreciate that labor markets work best within institutional environments that are solid yet flexible, and ensure income and employment opportunities for the population. From information on the human capital marketplace to assessments and recommendations on standards, policies, strategies, and institutions, we provide labor market analysis services that impact labor market stabilization essential for the fulfillment of productivity targets.

Our in-depth knowledge of labor market issues and their implications on businesses and markets allows us to provide invaluable insight into your human capital and labor market. At Dajani Consulting we focus on the development of labor economics and policies, and the improvement of institutional outputs by enhancing the quality of young graduates. We conduct labor market studies and analysis services that allow policy makers to make better decisions and keep your business optimally staffed.

Our services in the area of workforce development and labor market are carefully designed to meet policy makers expectations. In the labor supply and demand profiles, the scope of the study and the target segments are chosen to result in the required indicators which measure the gap. Within the same context, our other employment and labor services focus on describing the current situation and characteristics of workforce and labor market in terms of education, skills, capacity, job preferences, job search methods, employment difficulties, cultural barriers and design of employment initiatives, assessment of employment programs, development of labor and employment policies, restructuring of vocational training systems, design of programs that help to enhance employment , management of training and employment funds and gender employment policy advise.

Our Services we Provide in the Field of Labor and Employment

  • Design of Employment Initiatives
  • Assessment of Employment Programs
  • Development of Labor and Employment Policies
  • Restructuring of Vocational Training Systems
  • Design of Programs that help to increase Employment
  • Evaluation of Vocational Education and training programs
  • Economic assessment of labor (Supply Vs. Demand)
  • Management of training and employment funds
  • Approaches to Enhance Female Participation in the Labor Market
  • Management of Social Marketing Campaigns for Behavior Change towards Employment


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