The Dajani Consulting concept is built around the adult learning concept which takes into consideration the clients' abilities, by developing training programs that are tailored to the need of the customer. Our background as consultants helps us to assess the need of the customer and then provide a total solution for the identified problems.

Our programs are far from being "off-the-shelf" programs which usually can be found available everywhere.

Our training programs are demand-driven; they are carefully designed to cater for organizations' needs through identification and analysis of points of correction, and then the design of the responsive program that addresses the problem. After delivering the training, Dajani Consulting carries out assessments to identify the level of gained benefits and transfer of skills to the workplace, which feedback into the future training needs.

When designing training programs we take into consideration interactive adult learning concepts, that’s why we utilize exercises, case studies, brainstorming, quizzes, experiential tool kits, games, role play and other techniques that enrich the workshop. Dajani Consulting provides training programs to Public Sector, Private Sector and Non-Government organizations. We usually prepare and deliver training to several segments and departments within the organization.

Dajani Consulting employs highly qualified trainers, with previous experience in delivering professional training programs to the industry of the target audience. In addition, we employ a wide range of training resources and techniques based on the topic of the training and the level of participants.


Countries are competing to secure high-quality domestic and foreign direct investments (FDIs), and to do so, many techniques and expertise are used. The hunt for investments is a process built on international principles, and investment promotion officers should possess the required knowledge and skills to search, attract and retain investors.The Investment Promotion (IP) comprehensive training program is compiled from several training courses, divided according to the level of investment promotion officers.

The Investment Promotion (IP) training program includes the following topics/courses:


Basic concepts of investment and FDI

Investment promotion and selling skills

Personal skills for promotion officers (communication, time management, investor care)



Establishing an investment promotion unit

Investment map and investment promotion strategy

Development of networks and partnerships

Location branding and image building



Investment intelligence and investor prospecting

Investor aftercare program

Evaluation of investment promotion activities and results

Utilizing information technology for electronic promotion