Market Research Services

Our services in the area of Market Research are carefully designed to meet clients’ expectations. In our research engagements, we undertake Qualitative and Quantitative approaches; we utilize face-to-face surveys, telephone surveys, experts’ opinion and focus group sessions and other market survey methods. No matter the size of the survey, we complete it by a reasonable period of time. By effectively utilizing large numbers of surveyors, we have managed countless nationwide surveys. Our statistician and quality control personnel ensure that the surveys’ results are delivered accurately and analyzed according to client needs. Our staff include full time enumerators, data entry clerks, quality control personnel and analysts. Our objective is to achieve high quality market research that yields sound and valid conclusions by reaching maximum survey response rates. Consequently, we are able to provide sound recommendations for decision makers in an effort to develop future policies and actions.




In an effort to improve data collection mechanisms, Dajani Consulting introduced the Survey Cloud Technology, including an on-line administrator platform and interface, supporting Android tablets and iPads for field data collection known as Computer Aided Personal Interviews (CAPI), in addition to the establishment of an advanced Alcatel call centre known as Computer Aided Telephone Interviews (CATI), that employs full-time call agents and one supervisor. However, Dajani Consulting is flexible enough to utilize other electronic data collection platforms such as Kobo ODK and Survey Solutions. Dajani Consulting owns more than 150 tablet devices used in the field based on the required resources.

Dajani Consulting employs Android tablets to ensure that the highest quality of data is being collected. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology to ensure data security, we utilize flexible mechanisms for data collected, including but not limited to: timing surveys’ questions, GPS service to monitor the location of data collected, built-in skip patterns and validation rules for certain questions, and the ability to capture photos and other media in the survey site.



Field Team

Field enumerators are carefully selected with previous extensive experience in data collection. Quality control mechanisms include a careful selection of enumerators, as well as extensive training and monitoring throughout the process. They are recruited and selected on the basis of documented and practiced procedures, which include CV screening, assessment interviews and written tests if necessary.

Dajani Consulting employs full-time survey manager, survey supervisors, data entry staff and administrative support staff. In addition, Dajani Consulting has freelance survey teams (enumerators and interviewers) stationed in all regions of Jordan, consisting from field supervisors, senior surveyors/interviewers, junior surveyors/enumerators and Focus Group Facilitators/Moderators.



Methodologies at Dajani Consulting

Quantitative Research

Computer Aided Personal Interview (CAPI)

A personal one-on-one interview, where the respondent or interviewer uses a tablet/iPad to answer questions.

Computer Aided Telephonic Interview (CATI)

A telephone surveying technique in which the interviewer follows a script provided by a software application. The software is able to customize the flow of the questionnaire based on the answers provided.

Qualitative Research

Focus Groups Discussions (FGD)

We lead high quality focus groups sessions that are catered to the objective of the study and yields a high success rate.

Key Informant Interviews (KII)

We collect information and opinions from a wide range of individuals—including public officials, community leaders, professionals, or residents—who have firsthand knowledge about specific topics. These official and community experts, with their particular knowledge and understanding, can provide insight on the nature of problems and give recommendations for solutions.


Quality Control Measures

Some of the quality measures used in research and survey by Dajani Consulting include:

  1. Techniques: surveyors use the latest data collection and entry technology and techniques such as portable personal digital assistant (PDAs), smart tablet devices, and iPads. A full on-line and off-
  2. Audit: collected information (either hardcopy or softcopy) is reviewed for compliance with instructions, completeness and integrity. Questionnaire forms that are lacking data are rejected.
  3. Verification: The data entry process involves verification of entered data against collected data, to ensure accuracy and correctness.
  4. Validation: the collected data is validated by contacting random samples of respondents, in order to check the credibility of the reported data.
  5. Field Supervisors: play an essential role in monitoring and facilitating the fieldwork on the ground.


What Dajani Consulting Offers

  • Data Collection Tool Design we develop the research questions, instructions and contents of the tools such as survey forms, FGD guide, KII interview checklist and others.
  • Field Work we assemble and organize field staff including enumerators, supervisors and others; we train them, pilot the tools, and launch the data collection according to assigned work plans.
  • Data Processing and Analysis we download data in several forms (Excel, SPSS, STATA). We inspect it, clean it and process it to be analyzed statistically or narratively.
  • Reporting we have the capacity to produce analytical reports, including descriptive analysis, conclusions, and recommendations.
  • Presentation we prepare short, comprehensive and executive presentations for reflecting and obtaining feedback from stakeholders.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Surveys