Independent verification of use of services by targeted beneficiaries for the Jordan Emergency Health Program (JEHP)

Jordan has received financing from the World Bank and the Islamic Development Bank in the form of loan implemented by Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation with support of Ministry of Health and Audit Bureau, to cover the running cost resulting from providing healthcare services to Syrian refugees and poor Jordanians under the project “Jordan Emergency Health Program”. The objective of the verification assignment is to provide solid evidence about the actual utilization of the healthcare services by target beneficiaries, through employing the services of Dajani Consulting as an independent, unbiased audit/ verification entity (UVE). The resulting reports of the UVE will be adopted by Ministry of Planning to support the decision of financial reimbursements by World Bank and Islamic Development Bank to Ministry of Health. The assignment includes sample preparation of the healthcare centers and hospitals as well as patients, field visits to verify the records at healthcare facilities, analysis and reporting. The assignment will be implemented for 5 rounds which started 2016 until 2019.