Monitoring, Evaluation, Impact Assessment and Learning

As part of the integrity, transparency and governance, we at Dajani Consulting offer consulting and capacity building services for government, private and not for profit organizations in the field of Monitoring and Evaluation.

Our services designed around the MEL concept and international best practices, help clients in measuring continuous progress of initiatives, evaluate performance and feed back into future improvements of design of interventions.

Our MEL services include:



The monitoring system helps to check if a project is on track or lagging behind, and suggests corrective actions if needed.

We build creative logic framework (log-frame), SMART key performance indicators and create realistic monitoring system that can monitor the level of achievements on the ground.

We create tailor-made monitoring system for the implementation of different initiatives, taking into consideration the local context and nature of initiative.

Third Party Monitoring, where we act as an independent and verification agent for different stakeholders that provides confidant results for all parties involved.

We also create fully computerized on-line monitoring system that can generate all types of reports in cooperation with our partners.



Our evaluation services extend to the creation of baseline surveys that measure basic indicators prior to the intervention. We also provide midline evaluation as well as endline evaluation for different interventions depending on the timeframe of the intervention. We utilize different evaluation methodologies to evaluate interventions such as the World Bank, European Union, United Nations Agencies as well as other international agencies. Evaluation pillars of development initiatives include Relevance, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Coherence and Sustainability.


Impact Assessment

Our impact assessment services measure the level of changes that happened after the intervention has been implemented on the beneficiaries compared to non-beneficiaries. We follow experimental approach to design the research that is employed to assess the impact on the community or the environment. Special attention is given to sampling and statistical methods.

Our services include assessment of direct and indirect positive or negative change which took place during and after the intervention.



We develop comprehensive reports utilizing state-of-the-art analysis techniques, and present the results in interesting and exciting manner. We capitalize on the results by adding lessons learned to the reports.

We design and deliver capacity building and training to staff of organizations and projects to convey learning about monitoring and evaluation.