Investment References

Investment References

Market Study of the real- estate market in Al Raqeem area - Amman  

Dajani Consulting provided services for an investor intending to establish a real estate development project in Al Raqeem area within Amman governorate in Jordan. The study included assessment of the market potential and viability of industrial complex consisting from several stores / workshops or industrial buildings / spaces on a land licensed for similar purposes. The study included desk review of available secondary data (statistics); survey of sample of 100 factories, workshops and businesses in the area; and key informant interviews with real estate services. The study concluded that the investment is promising, however, since the implications of COVID-19 are still existing, the project could be established and profitable after the improvement of market conditions within a year.

Development of Jordan Investment Attraction Strategy

Deloitte Consulting- USA subcontracted Dajani Consulting to provide services to the project of the World Bank technical assistance support to the Jordan Investment Commission (JIC) in developing an investment attraction strategy. Dajani Consulting provided local engagement services in Jordan with key private, public, association, chamber, donor and investor stakeholders. In addition, Dajani Consulting conducted meetings to obtain and validate information and data to be used in sector selection and strategy development. The deliverables of Dajani Consulting included meeting summaries, analyze local donors studies, conduct workshops with key groups to obtain their perceptions regarding the priorities and scope of the strategy. To deliver the outputs, Dajani Consulting performed research and strategic analysis of the priority sectors, feasibility and desirability of selected sectors, assist in development of sector scans, draft strategy and final strategy.

Support to the Jordan Investment Commission in Investment Opportunities

Dajani Consulting was contracted by OCO Global – UK to provide services for project to support JIC, funded by EBRD. Dajani Consulting was involved in the review and desk research stage to obtain past and present economic and investment indicators about Jordan. Furthermore, Dajani Consulting performed stakeholders analysis, through meetings and interviews with public, private and other entities representing the governance, regulatory and enabling entities, as well as investors and FDIs, to contribute to the priority sectors/subsectors and target markets for Jordan.

Survey of  the Impact of COVID -19 on Jordanian Business Environment 

As part of the World Bank initiative to help Jordan to overcome the economic impact of COID 19 pandemic on Jordan Economy, Dajani Consulting has been initiated to assess the economic effect on Jordan economy by sampling of 600 firms in Jordan. The Survey is being conducted over the phone for 600 companies based in Jordan to figure out the level of negative impact on different economic sectors of Jordan. The survey was conducted over the phone and all data were uploaded to survey solution instantly. Dajani role included updating of sample frame, translation of question, training of enumerators (CATI ), conducting the telephone interviews, uploading the data, cleaning of data and delivery of final technical report. The survey was implemented on 4 rounds during 2020 – 2021.

Jordan E-Commerce Training Project for Women-owned Businesses

OCO Global and Dajani Consulting have implemented a project to help women entrepreneurs in developing their skills in e-commerce. The project focused on women SMEs that has a potential for exports. The project assessed Jordan’s e-commerce business environment, designed a training program that can enhance the skills of women lead businesses in e-commerce, provided technical assistance to women owned SMEs. The project designed tailor-made package to train women entrepreneurs on how to utilize e-commence for their own great benefits. About 20 female e-commerce advisors were qualified during the project.

Entrepreneurship Training  

In collaboration with CARE International in Jordan, Dajani Consulting has undertaken a project to provide soft skills, gender-based violence and entrepreneurship training for Syrian refugees. The training was provided for 200 Syrian refugees with whom 80 % of participants are females, through virtual platform (Zoom).

Virtual Trade Events Linkages

As a part of the technical assistance provided by Dajani Consulting for Enhanced export development Project funded by GIZ, Dajani Consulting has provided capacity-building programs for different business association such as Jordan Chamber of Industry, Amman Chamber of Industry, JEDCO, Export Jordan Business and Professional Women Association. The Capacity-building program focused on creating Virtual Trade Linkages events Linkages. The project included selection of different Jordanians firms to bring them up to the standards necessary to fully represent themselves to potential buyers at virtual trade events in a successful competitive manner.

Capacity Building: Design, develop and deliver export development related training programs

The Objective of this project is to design, develop and delivery of a series of training programs on export readiness assessment, market intelligence, and trade events design targeting business associations in Jordan. These training programs helped build the SPs staff knowledge and skills in the fields of export development and promotion, allow them to fully understand the needs of exporters SMEs and cater to those needs through effectively providing high quality export related services.

Moreover, these training programs allowed the business associations staff to better engage in the project efforts to design and develop new export related services.

Eventually, the training helped servicing the SMEs and assisting them in expanding their export activities.

Establishment of export service Unit at Amman Chamber of Industry ( ACI) 

The aim of this assignment is to building export development within Amman Chamber of Industry (ACI). The unit was established with technical assistant from Enhanced Export Development Project funded by GIZ. The main objectives of the unit was support ACI members in streamline export development services such as certificates of origin and export documentation, provide financial support to members to attend international trade events and exhibitions, provide market research on potential export markets and to create linkages programs for members.

Survey of the Impact of COVID 19 on the enterprises in Jordan – World Bank

As part of the World Bank initiative to help Jordan to overcome the economic impact of COID 19 pandemic on Jordan Economy, Dajani Consulting has been initiated to assess the economic effect on Jordan economy by sampling of 600 firms in Jordan. Sample was drawn from Jordan Enterprise survey of 2019. The Survey is being conducted over the phone for 600 companies based in Jordan to figure out the level of negative impact on different economic sectors of Jordan. The survey was conducted over the phone and all data were uploaded to survey solution instantly. Dajani role included updating of sample frame, translation of question, training of enumerators (call Agents), conducting the telephone interviews, uploading the data, cleaning of data and delivery of final technical report.

Development of “how to Export to Jordan” guide - Embassy of Brazil

Dajani Consulting was contracted by Embassy of Brazil in Jordan to develop a guide for interested Brazilian exporters and investors, that will provide economic and trade information to increase commercial exchange between Jordan and Brazil. Dajani Consulting assigned senior economic and market consultants to collect, compile and present the information in the guide, covering several aspects such as history, topography, land, air and sea transport, trade agreements, export and import procedures, economic situation in Jordan, main sectors, doing business in Jordan as well as other aspects important for the Brazilian exporter and investor. Once completed, the guide will be translated into Portuguese language.

Development of Export plan for Business and Professional Women Association (BPWA)

Dajani Consulting was contracted to develop three years  business plan for exports . The plan included creation of vision , mission , SWOT analysis , strategies and needed inversions . The plan also included development of needed budget and suggested interventions .

Women entrepreneurs' economic and commercial empowerment initiative

Dajani Consulting - in cooperation with Working Women Association a local CBO - received a grant from UN Women to implement an ambitious program during 2019 - 2020 with the aim to train 2000 vulnerable women in five governorates in Jordan, to qualify 150 of them to establish home-based businesses. The program will build women's capacity in creating and operating feasible business ideas, that they can market to generate income. The role of Dajani Consulting included market study of entrepreneurship opportunities, assess business ideas, provide training on different topics , mentors and coaches for women, support women entrepreneurs in starting their businesses, in addition to monitoring and evaluation and reporting. Entrepreneurship training included several topics such as self-awareness and development of entrepreneurial personality, leadership, fund raising and access to finance, working through social media, public relations and life skills.

Water Innovation Technology Project capacity building programs

 The Water Innovations Technology (WIT) project is a USAID-funded program designed to catalyze water conservation in Jordan. Jordan is one of the most water poor country on earth and urgent action is required to make better use of existing water resources due to economic, population, and climate pressures. The WIT project will contribute to the overall objective of conserving water in Jordan, through the adoption of proven water-saving technologies and techniques, by achieving three integrated outcomes:

1) Water conserving technologies and behavior changes are adopted at the agricultural, community and household levels.

2) Access to financing for adoption of water conservation technology is improved.

3) Institutions strengthened to support water saving technologies  

Qatar Enterprise Survey –World Bank 

The World Bank has contracted Dajani Consulting to conduct Jordan enterprises survey. The survey included assessment of investment climate for 400  enterprises  distributed all over Qatar. Size of enterprise survey included larger , medium and small companies either manufacturers or service providers.

The survey process included development of a screening mechanism using “Cloud Technology” and webCATI interface which is an on-line application used to update and verify the information of the sample enterprises through a combination of telephone interview and instant data entry.

The webCATI was followed by a computer aided personal interview (CAPI) with the contact person representing each enterprise, using a portable device (tablet) which has the survey questionnaire uploaded to it and linked directly to the database on the Cloud application, with continuous synchronization of information. To ensure high quality and reliable information, all data collection team members were recruited and trained carefully on the questionnaire and the use of the different applications and devices.

Trade service Development project and Capacity Building for Service Providers

As part of the GIZ project "Trade for Employment" – GIZ funded project  , Icon Institute-Germany and Dajani Consulting – Jordan, were awarded  a project to enhance Jordan exports by working with different stakeholders including but not limited to Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation , Jordan chamber of industry , Amman Chamber of Industry , Jordan exporter association , Business and professional Women Association , East Amman investor Industrial Association and well as Jordan Exports. The main objective of this project is to enhance : organizational development of trade service providers, improve trade services , facilitate  trade linkage between Jordanian firms and EU firms , create online trade portal for exporters and establish a pool of consultants on trade services .


Mentorship and Follow Up Activities for 32 women grantees – CARE International

Under Global Affairs Canada (GAC) funded “Protecting and Building Resilience Among the Crisis-Affected in Jordan” project, CARE contracted Dajani Consulting to provide Mentorship and Follow up activities to a total of 32 Jordanian and Syrian women in Amman, Zarqa, and Irbid. These grantees were supported by the project for the last three years, and have established home-based businesses (HBBs) operating in several fields. Dajani Consulting provided awareness, mentorship and coaching services to the women grantees to formalize and improve the performance of their HBBs. First, Dajani Consulting conducted a series of awareness sessions in Amman and Irbid to introduce the HBB concept and official instructions and procedures required to register and license such businesses. second, Dajani Consulting carried out small group coaching sessions for groups of the women grantees at their governorates to upgrade their capabilities in managing and marketing their businesses. furthermore, mentors of Dajani Consulting organized individual visits to each business to provide advices and solutions to administrative and production problems. The session were documented using special forms to come up with improvement plans for women-owned businesses.  

Specialized Consultancy Services for SMEs:

Mercy Corps – through its project Access to Justice – contracted Dajani Consulting to perform special services for their SMEs grantees with the purpose of building their capacity for expansion and marketing. The 17 SMEs grantees fall within the Olive oil sector in Irbid and  Dairy sector in Mafraq. Dajani Consulting experts helped the SMEs to develop their expansion plans, learn about social media marketing and inventory management using point of sale system, improving their branding and packaging, and establishing market linkages. Dajani Consulting provided training, consultations, coaching sessions as well as business meetings arrangements to complete this assignment.

Investment Climate assessment 

The study of business environment and investment factors on the national level is an important process to identify weaknesses and opportunities to assist the country in developing its economic and employment policies and practices. Dajani Consultant was hired by the World Bank to carryout a national enterprise survey for  600 enterprises  in Jordan . The aim of the survey is to assess the level of business environment for the private sector in Jordan. The Survey included building a database of Jordanians companies, drawing a sample of 600 enterprises, collection of data from executive's management of companies

Critical Analysis Study of the Jordan compact (Rules of Origin agreement and Work Permits)

The high number of the Syrian refugees in Jordan has prompted international community to step in and help Jordan to overcome challenges faced due to hosting the large number of Syrians living inside and outside camps.  In February 2016, the international community held “London conference” which resulted in the “Jordan Compact” document, where the international community pledged to allocate funds to help Jordan to cope with challenge of the huge number of Syrian refugees living in Jordan. At the conference, it was decided to open the European Union markets for the Jordanian Manufacturers through ease of Rules of Origin, leading to expanded Jordanian labor market for Syrian refugees to acquire work permits and to join the workforce. However, the participation of Syrian refugees (particularly females) in the labor market is still less than expected. CARE International collaborated with Dajani Consulting to prepare a critical analytic study with the objective to better understand the challenges facing exports of Jordanian products to the E.U. and the ability to increase employment of Syrian refugees in Jordan. It also aims to provide a clear understanding of the obstacles against achieving the target set in the “Jordan Compact” of work permits issued for Syrian refugees, as regulated by work permit policies and procedures governing the labor market in Jordan. The study was research based, utilizing desk research, focus groups with Syrian refugees, structured field survey of Syrian refugees and key informant interviews with stakeholders. Study activities were concentrated in the highly-populated governorates (East Amman, Irbid and Zarqa). At the end of the study, a comprehensive report including conclusions and recommendations was submitted to CARE International.

Feasibility Study for Satellite Factories in Azraq Camp and Two urban Areas

As a part for the Jordan response plan for the Syrian crises, Care international contracted Dajani Consulting to undertake a study of feasibility of the establishing a satellite factories in East Amman , Zarqa and Azraq Camp for Syrian Refugees to be specially  designed towards employability of the Syrian refugees . The aim of the study focused on identification of major sectors for employability of the Syrian refugees, identification of job opportunities, skills needed and willingness of the private sector investors to start up satellite factories to enhance the employability of the Syrian refuges.

Wheat flour mill and macaroni production factory feasibility study – Paradise Bakeries / NaFES

Dajani Consulting completed an economic feasibility study for a major food manufacturing complex, including a 4 million JD wheat flour mill and a 1,2 million JD pasta and macaroni production factory. The client is one of the largest bakeries and food production groups in Jordan. The study included analysis of the market and prices, identification of the technical and regulatory requirements and financial analysis of the feasibility of the project.  The study recommended the establishment of the flour mill, but was conservative regarding the macaroni and pasta factory. The financial study indicated the rate of return on investment as positive, and provided predicted financial statements and sensitivity analysis. The study was partially funded by National Fund for Enterprise Support.


Production Kitchen and frozen pre-cooked traditional meals preparation project feasibility

Dajani Consulting was approached by a Jordanian entrepreneur to study the feasibility of a commercial catering service project that offers special and high-quality dishes and meals from the oriental cuisine. The project will prepare and serve traditional and popular dishes as a catering service (production kitchen) in addition to frozen semi-cooked dishes that are similar to home cooking. The study covered the market, technical and financial aspects of the project. 

MSME’s Development Needs Assessments for Syria refuges

With the support of the Madad Trust Fund, and under the Regional Resilience and Livelihoods Program for Syrian refugees and host communities , Care International on behalf of leader consortium has assigned Dajani consulting to identify development needs of over 300 micro, small and medium size enterprises (MSME’s) for Mafraq and Irbid governorates  . The research focused on identification of capacity  building program needed by MSMES , barriers to growth for selected companies and  identification of potential non government organization .The research was able to identify potential  for growth barriers focusing on human resources and future demand for hiring , financial assessment of the enterprises ,as well as operation assessment   participating  enterprises 

Jordan Investment Promotion Strategy for Jordan Investment commission

USAID Jordan Competitiveness Project (USAID JCP) - led by DAI – has assigned the consortium of Dajani Consulting and OCO Global to develop a three year investment promotion strategy and action plan, for the newly-formed Jordan Investment Commission (JIC). The tasks include a series of work sessions with JIC management and staff; desk research of the FDI markets and meetings with investors’ representative inside and outside Jordan. The organization and function of investment promotion within JIC shall also be reviewed. The strategy will propose innovative approaches to increase the attraction of FDIs into Jordan, with limited available resources. The strategy identified sectors with potential investment , budgets needed , how to approach investors and identified key performance indicates for achievements of success.

Technical Assistance to the design and implementation of Investment climate in Oman

Due to previous experience, Dajani Consulting was contracted by the World Bank to assist the National Center for Information and Statistics (NCIS) in Oman to prepare, plan and implement the 2014 Investment Climate Assessment (ICA), since the last ICA conducted in Oman was in 2003. The company provided economic consultant and survey manager to help NCIS in developing sampling frame, selecting the 500 enterprises sample based on the methodology of Enterprises Survey by the World Bank, translate and finalize the survey questionnaire, train the enumerators, create data entry frame and contribute to the field work supervision and progress follow up. The assignment included missions to Muscat – Oman as well as continuous support from Dajani Offices in Amman.

Investment Incentives of FDIs in Jordan

Dajani Consulting implemented a project by  the IFC / World Bank to carry out the investors survey in Jordan. Main project objectives was to better understand and develop investment incentives cost - benefits model as a part of improvement of business enabling environment very well .The project includes preparation of survey instrument and a sample of domestic and foreign investors, to be interviewed in order to study the impression of investors with special focus on FDIs in addition to satisfaction and motivation of investing in Jordan. The foreseen sample size is approximately 300 firms in all economic sectors. The survey will cover main sectors of Jordan, and collected data from key respondents in these firms to understand the factors affecting the establishment, operation and sustainability of investments. A final analytical report and presentation has been prepared by the consultants at the end of the project. 

Market Assessment of Needs of SMEs in Jordan to Formulate the Marketing Strategy for Jordan Loan Guarantee Corporation (JLGC)

The International Finance Corporation of the World Bank has contracted Dajani Consulting to draw a marketing plan for Jordan Loan Grantee Corporation. The market plan covered several aspects of access to finance for Micro, Small, Medium size Enterprises (MSMEs) and needed products by the private sector of Jordan. The Plan also covered main challenges in lending and how to overcome those challenges. As a comprehensive plan, we have covered loans feature, target segments, capacity building for the private sector to access finance as well as others.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Intelligence and Promotion Plans – JIB

Dajani consulting was contracted by JIB to develop market intelligence and promotional plans for 14 countries worldwide in an effort to identify and attract Foreign Direct Investments from potential investors/companies that have an interest in investing in Jordan due to the increased competition between the investment promotion agencies around the world has prompted Jordan investment board to think of best proactive for investment promotion that is becoming proactive toward the investor rather than reactive. The Study is about Identification of 700 potential investors from different sectors with an aim of addressing the investors. Dajani Consulting arranged for meetings with selected investors from the list writing the propositions for those visits.

Training workshops were given to the staff of the JIB including inwards investments, writing propositions and cold calling techniques and to establish market intelligence unit within JIB and to build the capacity of the unit personal to carryout future market intelligence and promotional plans, using tools and methodologies developed and used during the project.

Service Level Measurement of European Information and Communication Center (EICC) with Regards to Euro-Jordanian Association Agreement – European Union (EU)

The EICC in main objective is to link Jordanian producers to European suppliers in Jordan. The EICC has been operating for several years in Jordan. The Project objective is to review of the impact of activities and services done by EICC relevant to the promotion and communication of the Jordanian European Association Agreement within the business community of Jordan in order to measure the level of interest and awareness of exporting to the European Union and the obstacles facing Jordanian companies.

Public Private Partnership Training - Local Development Governance Program (LGDP)/Millennium Challenge Fund managed by ARD Inc / USAID

Dajani Consulting carried out PPP Training for 9 Jordanian municipalities as the local Jordanian municipalities felt the importance of creating different types of Public Private Partnership (PPP) to encourage the investments in implement and improve municipality projects. ARD, Inc through Local Governance Development Program (LGDP) decided to hold training program to introduce PPP concepts to 9 municipalities.

The training focused on the different types of partnerships, how to develop PPP models for each municipality, dimensions of PPP in the Municipal Sector ,Enabling Environment and legislations, Constraints in the application of PPP, Sustainability of PPP projects, Types of PPP arrangement, Preparing for PPP, Creating PPP, developing process of PPP , Implementing PPP transaction , Sustaining municipal PPP.

Preparation of RFP and TOR for Amman Municipality Underground Tunnels on a Public Private Partnership basis - Greater Amman Municipality (GAM)

Due to high rate of pedestrian accident within the governorate of Amman, GAM decided to tender out underground pedestrian tunnel to minimize pedestrian accidents. The project was designed to create a partnership with the private sector to increase level of public -private partnership with the private sector.  The Project Objectives was designing the project concept, Suggestion of the best PPP formula and Preparation of RFP and ToRs for Underground Pedestrian Tunnels as BOT project.

Training Workshop on the principles of FDI – EU

Dajani Consulting delivered a 2 day workshop for investment promotion officers from JIB, Ma'an Development Company and Development Zones Corporation covering the basic principles of investment intelligence and promotion. This workshop was funded by the EU program "Jordan Services Modernization Program" at JEDCO.  Provided senior trainer, prepared training package in Arabic, modified the material, prepared cases and delivered the workshop.

Public Private Partnership Passenger Terminal - Public Transport Regulatory Commission (PTRC) /Jordan

The outgoing passenger cars that travels to neighboring countries (Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iraq) operation is completely unorganized service and does not have one passenger terminal to travel. Dajani consulting company was contracted by PTRC to conduct a Feasibility Study for External land travel terminal as PPP project. The tasks accomplished by Dajani were TORs to solicitation developers, Tender out the solicitation, and Evaluate response from investors and create a selection criterion for evaluation.

Feasibility Study and Strategy for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in management and operation of heritage, archaeological and tourism sites in Jordan - Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

The increased importance of Heritage and archaeological sites in Jordan comes from the idea that those resemble the history of Jordan. The idea of involving the private sector in the management and operation of those sites by creation of attractive themes to attract more tourists may generate additional income for the private and the public sector in Jordan.

The study was to develop a general framework for Public -Private -Partnership and propose scenarios for management and operation by the private sector to attract more tourists and promote for new tourism products thru the usage of those sites. Also, the study helped in suggestion of ideas for creation of Tourism products in those sites and developing different models for PPP.

Feasibility Study for Metal Barrels Manufacturing Factory - Universal for Chemical Industries

Part of the expansions plans for the company their wanted to do forward and backward integration that is by adding new productions lines. The major part to the Chemicals manufacturing process is the packaging. In this sense the client wanted to explore the option of adding of new production line that is metal barrels manufacturing process. Dajani Consulting was asked to conduct a feasibility study on the possibility of manufacturing metal barrels for industrial usage purposes.

Feasibility Study and Business Plan – Orient Sprit

 Handicraft is a major industry in Jordan as it employs thousands of Jordanians with special in rural areas. Orient Sprit is a major producer of handicraft in Jordan as they export to neighboring countries that's why they wanted to conduct a feasibility study and business plan. So, in order to expand its production and marketing to serve the local and the export markets Orient Spirit contracted Dajani Consulting to carry out Feasibility Study and Business Plan which was funded by NaFES.

Feasibility Study and Business Plan- Dive Aqaba

 Diving is becoming am major activity in Aqaba and Aqaba is blooming in sea sport activities .Dive Aqaba is one of the first providers of diving activities in Aqaba , with their intention to expand operations , they wanted to have a vision as to how to expand their operations . 

Feasibility Study and Business Plan for Rum Tourist Transport Company

 Part of the expansions requirement of Rum Tourist Transport Company, Dajani Consulting was contracted to create a business plan to identify exact expansions requirement and KPI's for expansions. This study included preparing an economic feasibility study to transform into a public shareholding company and a business plan for 5 years expansion to invest in new related areas such as hotels, travel and tours.

Feasibility study for Olive oil bottling facility

 The consortium of Creative Associates in partnership with the Jordan Hashemite fund for Human Development (JOHUD) is operating and managing one of the Rural Community Cluster Development Program (RCCDP) parts in certain village clusters. One of the suggested projects was Olive Oil bottling facility at Al Yarmouk cluster, which is located in Bani Kinanah district - Irbid Governorate. Dajani Consulting conducted feasibility and technical studies of the production line and a financial study to recommend the best scenario for production and bottling of olive oil.

Feasibility Study and Strategy for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) in management and operation of heritage, archaeological and tourism sites in Jordan - Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (2003)

The increased importance of Heritage and archaeological sites in Jordan comes from the idea that those resemble the history of Jordan. The idea of involving the private sector in the management and operation of those sites by creation of attractive themes to attract more tourists may generate additional income for the private and the public sector in Jordan.

The study was to develop a general framework for Public -Private -Partnership and propose scenarios for management and operation by the private sector to attract more tourists and promote for new tourism products thru the usage of those sites. Also, the study helped in suggestion of ideas for creation of Tourism products in those sites and developing different models for PPP.

Foreign Investors Motivation in Oman-World Bank

Dajani Consulting conducted for the World Bank a field survey of the foreign investors in Oman, with the purpose of assessing foreign investors satisfaction and perception of the main motives which drove their decision to invest in Oman . The selected investors represent the industrial and services sectors. The study consisted of selected samples of 100 enterprises based in Muscat , Salalha and Sohar areas .

Survey of Investors Motivation in Jordan – WORLD BANK/FIAS

Dajani Consulting conducted a field survey of the foreign investors in Jordan, with the purpose of assessing their satisfaction and perception of the motives which drove their decision to invest in Jordan. The selected investors represent the industrial and services sectors.

Most of the investors were attracted to Jordan by the economic and political stability, in addition to their own relations with existing investors or friends living in Jordan.  Preparation of enterprises sampling frame, selection of stratified sample of 60 enterprises, preparation of survey tools, training of surveyors, contact and arrange appointments with enterprises, visit and collect information, monitor survey progress and quality, enter data and reporting.

Quick Reaction Survey in Jordan – WORLD BANK

The Global Financial Crisis has negatively impacted the economies around the world. The World Bank contracted Dajani Consulting to carry out a survey of Jordanian private sector firms representing different economic sectors including industry and service. The aim of the survey is to collect data that would help in measuring the extent of effect of the Global Financial Crises on the Jordanian economy. The survey measured the level of the effect on labor demand, sales, exports, productivity and financial status. The survey is planned to be conducted on regular basis, to monitor the changes over time. Dajani Consulting was selected to conduct the survey due to the remarkable history of previous experience in carrying out enterprise surveys in Jordan and the region. The high integrity and professionalism of the surveys implemented by Dajani Consulting enabled the company to address all types of economic researches. Preparation of enterprises sampling frame, selection of stratified sample of 60 enterprises, preparation of survey tools, training of surveyors, contact and arrange appointments with enterprises, visit and collect information, monitor survey progress and quality, enter data and reporting.

First Conference on Jordan's Business Environment – WORLD BANK/IFC

Based on its experience in the investment climate and business environment indicators, Dajani Consulting was assigned by the World Bank and the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation in Jordan to prepare and organize the first conference on Jordan Business Environment. The consultants prepared synthesis paper on four major investment environment problem issues including new business licensing, labor and human capital, tax system and procedures, and enforcing contracts. The consultants organized the conference to begin with an opening session under the patronage of H.E the Prime Minister and senior government officials from Ministry of Industry and Trade, JIB, and were attended by representatives of donors, private sector and business associations. At the end of the conference, Dajani Consulting prepared summary notes of the results of the conference and submitted it to the World Bank for further actions. Dajani consulting provided a provision of support staff and moderators, logistics, event management, invitations, media, translation and reporting.

Tracer Survey Study of Investment Projects in Jordan – Jordan Investment Board

Dajani Consulting conducted a nation-wide survey to trace the actual status and performance of investment projects which benefited from the Jordan Investment Law during the years 2004 – 2007. This study included more than 1930 projects/companies registered in JIB’s database, to extract economic indicators regarding the local and foreign investments in Jordan. Information about the projects/companies was updated. Information collected included data about the ownership of the project, current status, and size of investment, employees, and exports. Financial data was also collected to compare the performance during the years. The surveyed projects/companies were 1145 during the field survey period, using the investment tracer questionnaire form. The analysis report and the results of the study were publicly announced by JIB during a press conference held in March 2008. Dajani was also responsible for updating of the projects information and contacts. All information was collected by personal interviews with projects/companies to fill up a questionnaire specially designed for the purpose of the survey. Data was entered, validated and verified.

Jordan Investment Climate Survey – WORLD BANK

One of the support activities of the World Bank is the improvement of private business climate in different nations. Within this context, World Bank have contracted Dajani Consulting to survey Jordan business climate by including over 500 Jordanian establishments in the survey and 5000 full time Jordanian employees of those companies. The survey focused on infrastructure, sales and suppliers, degree of competition and innovation, applicable laws and regulation for investments, business- government relationship, availability of financing, labor, export support services, investments constrains, productivity and operational expenses. The results of the survey were used by the World Bank to prepare an investment climate assessment report and present it to the Jordanian government. Three main areas of improvement were identified; labor, tax system and entry of new companies. The results of the ICS were presented to the Ministry of Industry and Trade and JIB in a closed sessions held by the World Bank consultants in Amman.

Enterprises Survey – World Bank

Gallup International secured a global contract with World Bank/European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)/International Development Bank (IDB) to conduct the enterprises survey for more than 20 economies in the Middle East and North Africa region. One of the selected economies was Jordan, therefore, Gallup Int. subcontracted Dajani Consulting to conduct the activities of the survey covering more than 600 SMEs distributed all over Jordan. The survey process included development of a screening mechanism using “Cloud Technology” and webCATI interface which is an on-line application used to update and verify the information of the sample enterprises through a combination of telephone interview and instant data entry.

The webCATI was followed by a computer aided personal interview (CAPI) with the contact person representing each enterprise, using a portable device (tablet) which has the survey questionnaire uploaded to it and linked directly to the database on the Cloud application, with continuous synchronization of information.

To ensure high quality and reliable information, all data collection team members were recruited and trained carefully on the questionnaire and the use of the different applications and devices. Furthermore, an enterprises sample was obtained from Department of Statistics in Jordan to prepare the most recent enterprises sample frame. 

Enterprise Sub-Sector Survey in Jordan

Chemonics International Inc. is a US-based consulting company which carries out contracts financed by USAID in Jordan. Chemonics subcontracted Dajani Consulting to carry out the enterprise sub-sector survey. This survey supports Chemonics’ objective to quantify the foundation for competitive advantage area of the subsector selection process. This survey assisted Chemonics and its partners in justifying subsector segmentation/prioritization based on the experiences of Jordanian enterprises. Subsectors that were targeted for the survey, due to their potential for growth and job creation are: ICT (gaming, mobile applications, call centers), BioTech (CROs), CleanTech (green building, renewable energy) and medical tourism.

The scope of work included identifying demographic and mapping information of as many firms as information is readily available working in specific locations and industries, and interviewing a sample of these firms to better understand specific constraints of targeted firms selected from the outcomes of the previous step. More than 60 firms were identified and interviewed in these sub-sectors. The interviews focused on the obstacles and potentials facing these sub-sectors.

Private Sector Enterprises and Business Environment Survey – World Bank

Dajani Consulting completed Jordan Private Sector Survey, which included interviews with management and workers of more than 250 private enterprises in Amman and Zarqa governorates, representing industrial and service sectors, to collect information about the economic situation and business environment. Topics addressed in the survey include access to finance; governmental procedures; corruption; R&D; market; export and labor. The survey was requested by World Bank, as a follow up to the 2006 Investment Climate Survey.

Evaluation and Impact Assessment of the Direct Support to SMEs component of EJADA–EU

 This was a short-term technical assistance consultancy assignment to the Euro-Jordanian Action for the Development of Enterprise (EJADA).  The assignment was executed by a two member consultant’s team consisting international expert and local expert. The assignment included two missions of the international expert to Jordan. The survey population consisted of the 54 SMEs having benefited from EJADA business upgrading direct support and which have completed this BU support (one or more projects). From this survey population a representative sample of 25 SMEs was derived through application of a set of selection criteria. Interviews with SME management based on a highly structured and comprehensive questionnaire took place on-the-spot in the companies. Questionnaires were filled-out by the survey team based on the interviews. All filled-up questionnaires were sent back to the SMEs concerned for quality control and for further completion in case of still missing information. In general, the interviewed managers of the selected sample SMEs were most cooperative, if not enthusiastic about the survey. The survey resulted in understanding of the clear instant impact of the support on SMEs, but it was too early to detect the expected long-term impact and its sustainability, since the support was recently utilized by SMEs.

The survey activities concentrated basically on the determination of the survey population and sample, on secondary base information collection and study of the EJADA files, on the development and finalisation of the survey tools including the questionnaire, and on the organisation of the survey. Most of the interviews were conducted on-the-spot in the survey sample SMEs. A special database was designed and statistical tables, listings and graphical presentations were prepared as basis for the survey report. The assignment delivered a final report including analysis, conclusions and recommendations.

Baseline study on expanding employment opportunities through development of SMEs in Jordan – JICA

 JICA Jordan office was preparing to formulate a project on “Expanding Employment Opportunities” through development of SMEs focusing on the most growing economic sectors. In order to formulate the project, information about the needs and support to SMEs was required. The purpose of the study was to collect information and data relevant to selected SMEs in the economic sectors as well as the relevant projects, programs, and organizations to be a useful tool for implementing the above mentioned project. The project included research and survey of more than 10 SME support programs, and more than 80 SMEs in different economic activities (food industry, textile, garment, hotel and restaurants). The collected information was classified and analyzed to produce a profile of SMEs support programs, services and mechanisms. In addition, the survey analysis led to comprehensive assessment of the impact and utilization of support by SMEs, and the emerging needs of SMEs.

The study helped in identifying areas of potential assistance by JICA, pertinent to the most economic growing sectors by analyzing the result of the desk research, interviews and field survey. The outputs of the project were used to design a new SMEs support program targeting industrial SMEs within priority sectors.

The findings showed that the existing support programs and organizations provide relatively acceptable technical and financial assistance, but still fail to fully satisfy the demands of SMEs, due to program limitations and/or SMEs constraints. There is a wide space for improvement in the delivery of technical support to SMEs. Certain interventions are applicable in order to cooperate or coordinate with these programs. Beneficiary SMEs have some remarks and comments on the performance of support programs, mainly the limited financial support and the low positive impact on the development aspects of the SMEs. Beneficiary SMEs suggested some measures that would help improve the support programs in the future.

Development of consultancy services procurement mechanism and administration system for JUMP

 The Policy Support and Institutional Strengthening (PSIS) component of EJADA supported Jordan Upgrading and Modernization Program (JUMP) in the preparation and design of a Consultancy Services Procurement Mechanism and Administration System detailing the, procurement procedure, selection criteria, and contract design, as well as assignment monitoring and evaluation. The objective of this assignment was to develop the most relevant and appropriate system which should be unique to JUMP, taking into consideration the similar SMEs support programs in Jordan. On international consultant and one local consultant were responsible of implementing the assignment.

The consultants proposed mechanisms, systems and procedures for mobilizing local and international consultancy services to assist in the capability building of SMEs by JUMP in Jordan. The recommendations, mechanisms, systems and procedures were documented in Consultancy Services Procurement Mechanism and Administration System for JUMP. Practical expertise were useful, in a manner consistent with the exiting situation of consultancy services procurement procedures utilized by the different parties in Jordan, and with the view of benchmarking best international practices in similar programmes/organizations. The assignment resulted in a full documented consultancy procurement system including RFP, TOR, evaluation grids and related forms, which are being used by JUMP since approved until now.

Baseline survey on SMEs development in Jordan – JICA

 Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in coordination with the Government of Jordan (GOJ) and Vocational Training Corporation (VTC) planned to design and establish a support program for the Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) as a contribution for developing the private sector. The focus of JICA is on the Metal Forming and Mechanical Careers SMEs.

Dajani Consulting was contracted to perform a baseline research and field survey on SMEs status and development programs in Jordan. The research included collection of historical and current data about Industry, Economy, SMEs and their stakeholders. It also included a field survey which covered 3 regions of Jordan, to interview 110 SMEs working in the field of metal forming and mechanical careers. The survey was guided by Mechanical Careers Syndicate (MCS), and a questionnaire was designed and used by researchers during the survey. The results of the research clearly indicate the positive growth of the industry and economy of Jordan, in addition to the several initiatives taken by the government to upgrade and support the industrial sector. GOJ was successful in attracting many donor agencies and international programs to participate in development projects directly targeting industrial SMEs.  There were several approached adopted by the stakeholders of SMEs, such as the financial support programs and micro-finance development, technical assistance, capacity building and human resources development through vocational and managerial training.

Market survey on the technical needs of SMEs – UNICO

 As part of the project for strengthening the capacity of training management of Vocational Training Corporation in Jordan financed by JICA and managed by UNICO – Japan, Dajani Consulting conducted a survey on the needs of metal industries and mechanical maintenance SMEs in Amman and Aqaba. The sample included more than 70 SMEs. The collected data was forwarded to UNICO expert for analysis and interpretation.

Capacity building and strengthening of Jordanian NGOs Program (Qudorat) – Ministry of Planning

 Dajani Consulting was a member in a consortium led by Near East Foundation and The Jordan Hashemite Fund for Human Development to implement Strengthened Jordanian NGOs Program or “Qudorat”, which aimed to enhance the abilities of Jordanian NGOs to implement small and medium size projects, membership retention, fund-raising, in addition to creation of enabling environment for public support for the work of NGOs at all governorates in Jordan. The program led to building a partnership between government and Jordanian NGOs.

 The program resulted in establishing small and medium projects for more than 40 NGOs, and building the capacity of 60 NGOs. The projects included agricultural, industrial, educational and healthcare services. NGOs received capacity building and support services in business development, strategic planning, feasibility studies, market planning and SMEs management skills.

Design and delivery of a comprehensive training program- JoHealth

 Dajani Consulting was contracted to Design and delivery of a comprehensive training program to Jordan Health which is a privately owned company that provides inflation database about all service providers within the field of healthcare system in Jordan. The study was to better improve their provided services by carrying out a 3 year business plan and to upgrade their capabilities in communicating, planning and sales.

Development and Implementation of Total Quality Management system- Jawad Bakeries

 As a major supplier of bread products and hamburger buns to international fast food brands (McDonald's, Burger King) and other franchise businesses, Jawad Bakeries were under regular surveillance and inspection by food safety and quality auditors, so Dajani Consulting was contracted to develop and implement quality ,safety system and total quality management system.

Development of Business plan – Jordan Valley

Jordan Valley is one of the manufacturers of canned food in Jordan. Despite the fact they are a successful company in the food industry, they face stiff competition from other brands produced locally or regionally. They decided to carryout business plan for the purpose of having a better vision as to where they might be heading.

Entrepreneurship training – Young Entrepreneurs Association ( YEA )

 Young Entrepreneurs Association caters for the needs of business startup and Youth employment by encouraging entrepreneurship spirit for young entrepreneurs. Dajani Consulting conducted training on a variety of topics targeting entrepreneurs whom are members and non members in YEA.

Business Plan – National Association for Investors Protection (NAIP)

 As the investment in Jordan increased rapidly over the past few years, the investors felt the need to advocate for problems in with the government. National Association for Investor Protection felt the great need for future expansions plans by development of a business plan. A business Plan was developed by Dajani Consulting for their 3-year business plan with the aim to increase its members and provide new services. The study included Focus groups with investors and stakeholders in addition to surveys of the business environment. 

Market Research – Jordan Exporter Association ( JEA)

 The increased importance of exporting Jordanian producers of products and services has increased as the number of members at Jordan Exporters Association which promoted them to expand their operations by creation of 3 years business plan for them. Dajani Consulting performed a survey of JEA members, ex-members and non-members to advise the consultants during developing the Business Plan of the association. The study included investigation on the needs and the expectations of Jordanian exporters, and ways to activate their contribution and relation to JEA.

Trainers Assessment - Jordanian American Businessmen Association ( JABA)

 Part of the assistances provided by International Labor organization in Jordan is to create a jobs for Jordanians by building the capacity of the business owners in the field of strategic planning l, human resources, and financial management. ILO partnered with Jordanian American Businessmen Association (JABA) to launch and manage training programs for this purpose and contracted Dajani Consulting to carry out the assignment. 

Market study on the Motorcycle products - Ghabour Auto –EGYPT

 Due to increase usage of Motorcycle in Jordan , Ghabour Auto the Middle east dealer for Bajaj Motorcycle wanted to measure our the demand for motorcycles in Jordan with particular emphasis on model they sell as a potential export market for Bajaj Motorcycle. Dajani Consulting carried out a market study of the demand for the motorcycles in the Jordanian market.

Sector Diagnostic Study- European Commission (EU)

Dajani was contracted by the EU to assess Pharmaceuticals manufacturers in Jordan development needs in technical and marketing development needs as a part of the technical assistance to the Jordanian private sectors, a sector study was demanded to identify development needs of all pharmaceuticals manufacturers in Jordan.

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