Personal Skills Development Programs

In our current business environment, managers and employees are in continuous need for advanced skills in order to cope with the latest developments in the systems and technology. A number of competencies can be built by providing special training programs for the employees belonging to a certain organization, focusing on one of the weak areas in their performance.

Selling Skills Techniques

This program explains the sales process starting with sales definitions all the way to the sales cycle. This program also covers the sales negotiations, dealing with different personalities and communicating with customers.

Superior Customer Service and Care

With today's challenging environment, customers have a variety of suppliers to choose from. Therefore, this program explains the importance of stratifying the customer base and dealing with different types of customer personalities. This training program also covers the after sales services' problems and how to retain the customer for life.

Communication Skills

99% of today's people problems is the miscommunication between people either though the verbal, written or thought implied communication using the body language. This program tackles those issues and expands on the needs of for people to communicate together.


To create a good leader that deals with today's challenges is a tough task; this program gives you tips on how to become a leader. The program is designed for those who want to go up the ladder and become supervisors and managers. Different types of leadership styles, characteristics of the leader, managing vs. leading and effective leadership skills are also discussed.

Team Building and Team Work

This program is designed to give the participants the needed knowledge and skills to build your teams and manage the teams, even if they come from different cultures. All aspects of team work is addressed in this training program including but not limited to team empowerment, communicating with team members, how to give feedback for the team members, planning activities, coaching your team as well as others points that contribute to the success of the team.

Marketing Plans and Techniques

This training program covers issues related to marketing plans together with the types of strategy the company could use to gain more market share, market segmentations, positioning strategy, branding your product or service as well as other aspects of marketing plans.