Monitoring and Evaluation

This training program is designed for donor funded projects. Many donor funded programs would like to monitor their programs during their implementation phase in order to measure the level of achievement, milestones, responsible personnel performance as well as other factors.

Monitoring and evaluation provides answers to questions regarding the output, effects and impact of the project in regards of the target population. It establishes the necessary linkage across a set of activities undertaken in project planning and management: identification of problems, feasibility study, design of the project, approval process, organization, implementation and supervision processes, completion, evaluation and follow-up.

Information secured through monitoring and evaluation must be relevant, i.e. geared to specific needs of project managers; timely, i.e. available and accessible at the time decisions are taken; and accurate, i.e. reliable and empirically verifiable. Participants will learn to determine the relationship between project inputs, activities and outputs as well as the influence of external factors on program performance, in order to improve project management.


Indicators can greatly assist in defining the information needs of an organization. Participants will learn how to formulate measurable indicators and check their reliability.


Participants will learn how to design a monitoring system using the Logical Frame (LF) and well-defined (qualitative and quantitative) indicators, taking into account the information requirements at various levels within the project, in the organization and among stakeholders. In addition the information flow and the choice for the data collection methods and tools are part of this step-by-step methodology.



Participants will learn how to draft Terms of Reference as well as compose and steer an evaluation team, considering stakeholder interests and performance indicators (i.e. relevance, efficiency, effectiveness, impact, and sustainability), and how to prepare final evaluation reports.