Job Matching for Jordanians and Syrians

Under the Trade for Employment (T4E) program (2017-2023), which addresses companies with export experiences whose markets collapsed due to the region’s current geopolitical situation as well as exporting companies aiming to access new markets with improved or newly developed products, Dajani Consulting was hired to improve the recruitment of personnel in trade-oriented businesses, with a particular focus on the placement of Syrian refugees. Dajani Consulting are responsible to promote sustainable employment and improve hiring and recruitment practices at trade-oriented companies. This assignment includes two work packages: (1) the development of a clear criteria for selection of companies and conducting a diagnostic study, with quantitative and qualitative elements, on suitable measures on enhancing business resilience (BR) and job quality in MSME’s (3 in Amman, 3 in Irbid), coming up with clear recommendations on the implementation of the measures, in agreement with GIZ, piloting the interventions in six companies, of which three are based in Amman region, and three in Irbid. (2) Providing core employability skills training (CES) to 900 job seekers (40% of which are Syrians and 15% are women), followed by job matching and placement services to 750 job seekers (40% of which are Syrian refugees and 15% women), and tracking post-placement employment status for 3 months in the industrial and services sectors trade-oriented companies.