Data collection for Global Education Policy Dashboard at Ministry of Education schools

Dajani Consulting managed “Global Education Policy Dashboard” data collection for the World Bank in (GEPD) cooperation with Ministry of Education. The World Bank shared the instruments with Dajani Consulting and MoE to translate, contextualize and revise the tools to fit the Jordanian educational system. Dajani Consulting recruited and trained more than 50 enumerators and assessors to participate in the data collection from students, teachers, school principals and public officials working in the different departments and directorates of MoE. The school sample consists of 260 public and private schools, in which data collection was performed with 4th grade teachers, 4th grade students, 1st grade students, teachers of other grades, school management and supervision team. In addition, 200 public officials representing the several sections and administrations of MoE were interviewed using special questionnaire. In addition to GEPD tools, Early Development Instrument (EDI) was included to collect data about readiness for learning among 1st grade students in all sample schools. Data collection techniques will employ a combination of electronic survey system (Survey Solutions) and paper forms.