Market and Labor Assessment and Value Chain Analysis

Near East Foundation (NEF) launched the Enhancing Economic Resilience Program in Jordan as a Development Impact Bond (DIB). The program’s impact statement is basically support refugees and vulnerable Jordanians at Siraj Centre livelihoods hubs to (a) sustainably improve the ability of households (HHs) to meet basic needs (e.g., shelter, food, health/sanitation, education), (b) improve economic well-being, self-reliance, and income, and (c) improve confidence, bargaining power, and agency among women. The program is being implemented in target areas within Jordan, including Northern Hashmi in Amman, Kufr Soom in Irbid, Rusaifa in Zarqa, Irbid city and Zarqa city. NEF contracted Dajani Consulting to provide a comprehensive market assessment and mapping of the local communities in the target areas, in order to be able to design an effective and relevant interventions. Dajani Consulting team explored many opportunities for micro and home-based businesses in several sectors such as digital services, agriculture, handicrafts and retail. Furthermore, the team performed market research to determine the demand size, as well as identify the value chains available in the target areas. By the end of the project, Dajani Consulting submitted a final report recommending the value chains and opportunities with high potential for establishment and operations