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Water Innovations Technology (WIT) project Marketing and sales training 

Water Innovations Technology (WIT) project is a USAID-funded program designed to catalyze water conservation in Jordan. Jordan is one of the most water poor country on earth and urgent action is required to make better use of existing water resources due to economic, population, and climate pressures. The WIT project will contribute to the overall objective of conserving water in Jordan, through the adoption of proven water-saving technologies and techniques, by achieving three integrated outcomes:

1) Water conserving technologies and behavior changes are adopted at the agricultural, community and household levels.

2) Access to financing for adoption of water conservation technology is improved.

3) Institutions strengthened to support water saving technologies 

The project contracted Dajani Consulting to carryout sales and marketing training for water technology users including farmers , goverment agencies , producers of technology as well as others .  

Functional review of ministry of energy and mineral resources – redesign / update the organizational structure

Dajani Consulting was contracted to carry out an assessment of the current organization structure of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral resources. Assessment included carrying out the following tasks:  

  1. Assessment of the current organization structure.
  2. Identification of the root causes of organizational performance related issues.
  3. Update current organization structure according to findings.
  4. Implement and evaluate the new organization structure for the ministry.

Organizational Restructuring, Realignment, Simplification & Human Resources Development for Jordan Association of Family Planning and Protection

The assessment included re-engineering of processes and creation of human resources management system. The main objective of this study is to increase the productivity of JAFPP staff and the utilization of the clinics capacity through:

  1. Less waiting time during usual and emergency visits.
  2.  Accepting and serving higher numbers of clients on daily basis.
  3.  Identifying standard time for each of JAFPP services.
  4. Setting KPIs for processes in terms of time and resources.
  5. Improving quality of health care services at the clinic.

To achieve these objectives, the study suggested a number of ideas. These ideas wre used by JAFPP to better manage its services and have a clearer vision about the possibility of expanding its services. This project activities started by understanding the current situation in terms of: processes, times taken to serve the clients seeking the different operations, customers’ arrival processes, and customers’ satisfaction. Three different clinics (Rusayfa, Irbid 1, and Mahatta) were selected, and three consultants collected information using different tools. Some of the tools used were business process mapping, time and motion studies, questionnaires, and Gantt-charts

Business Process Improvement for Jordan Ceramics

As a part of the increased competition in the ceramics industry, Jordan ceramics have requires our assistance in the revisions for the process work flow to minimize waste and improve efficiency and workflow process. The project was funded by BST EU/Project

Business Process Improvement for El Zay Textile Manufacturing

The EU Jordan trade agreement has presented several challenges on Jordan enterprises to be able to compete with European products in Jordan and the region. El-Zay Ready Wear is the largest manufacturer of men suits in Jordan faced high competition from imported European products this is the main reason for their decision improve production work.

Dajani consulting provided El Zay with a professional service, and the tasks of Dajani were:

  • Study of manufacturing men’s suits.
  • Identification of present production process & methodology to improve quality & efficiency.
  • Identification of new production technology to upgrade level of quality.
  • Identification of optimal production flow & layout for the new factory, based on identification of future technology & capacity requirements.
  • Training course on production management.
  • Training on design control techniques & new methodologies in designing clothes.

Business Process re-engineering of Municipal Services for launching of automated services package at Al Madina Al Munawwara Municipality in KSA

Al Madina Al Munawwara Municipality aims to become a leader in providing on-line automated services for its stakeholders and the local community. Dajani Consulting was assigned to restructure more than 63 services as a first package offered by Al Madina Al Munawwara Municipality in Saudi Arabia. The project entails documentation of (AS IS) situation for all selected services and restructure those services for improvement stage (TO BE) in preparation for computerization and automation of the services. Dajani Consulting provided a team leader and professional team of five consultants and engineers to carry out the work at the municipality, in coordination with the PMO.

Application and Automation of National Registry for Capital Lease Contracts

When the capital lease registrar was first established in Jordan, it was totally manual registrar. The behind the project was to improve on the current working procedures of the registrar and computerize the registrar.

The project objectives were Implementing the application and automation of Capital Lease Registry at the Ministry of Industry and Trade - Central Register Directorate, as a part of the E-government initiative adopted by Government of Jordan, review and recommend future improvements for the current leasing law practiced in Jordan in order to make the Jordanian law more attractive for leasing companies / operators, and Analysis of the current legislation and registry, system analysis, design of automated system and database, programming and assistance in operating the computerized application

Development of Employees Performance Appraisal / Jordan Valley for Food Industries Company

Jordan Valley is one of the manufacturers of canned food in Jordan. Despite the fact they are a successful company in the food industry, they face stiff competition from other brands produced locally or regionally. They decided to carryout employees performance appraisal system for the purpose of improving the performance of its employees. The performance appraisal was developed for the 60 employees they have at the company.

HR System for Nippon Jordan Fertilizer Company

Part of the restructuring process of Nippon Jordan fertilizer company, Dajani Consulting was hired to carryout full diagnostic assessment of the human resource system available. A new human resource system was developed which included, incentives, salary scale, performance appraisal, competency assessment, job description, recruitment as well as other elements of the system.

Development of Human Resources Management Function for Jordan Association for Family Planning and Protection (2011 - 2012)

Dajani Consulting worked with Strengthening Family Planning Project (Ta’ziz) to provide technical assistance (TA) in making updates and changes to the Human Resource Management function within the Jordan Association for Family Planning and Protection (JAFPP) under the direction of the USAID-funded Strengthening Family Planning project. Dajani Consulting provided HR consultant that worked under the supervision of the project deputy chief of party and in collaboration with the project organizational development manager and the JAFPP human resource manager to carry out all tasks related to the TA. JAFPP is undergoing realignment and strengthening of its HRM function in concert with management and governance changes throughout the organization. The expected result of the HRM changes is a modern, pro-active HRM function that contributes in significant ways to the mission of JAFPP.

As part of this TA, Dajani Consulting carried out a survey to collect information about the salary and benefits range obtained by female General Practitioners working in the family planning and maternity clinics in the Jordanian market, in order to develop a fair and modern salary scale for JAFPP.

The documented HRM system was further implemented with assistance of Dajani Consulting, that provided HR consultant to put the system in place and manage the required change process in order to utilize the benefits of the new HRM system in all JAFPP clinics and departments.

Improvement of Work Flow for Jordan Association for Family Planning and Protection (2012)

Usually, JAFPP clients (women) wait for relatively long periods to receive the service, yet most clinics are under-capacity. These two facts indicated that the way work flows at clinics creates bottlenecks that slow down the process and results in reducing the number of clients served. Strengthening Family Planning (Ta’ziz) project assigned Dajani Consulting to analyze the work flow in the clinics and help in re-engineering it in a way that allows for the clinics to optimize their capacities. This intervention will also help in identifying, based on more scientific approach, the maximum number of clients each clinic can serve. This will also help in planning for expansion when demand increases. Dajani Consulting provided team of senior industrial engineer and researchers to implement this re-engineering project through observation of process flow and modeling of an improved work flow.

«Technical Assistance for Public Administration Reform for Improved Service Delivery to Citizens-PARISD»

The EU financed project «Technical Assistance for Public Administration Reform for Improved Service Delivery to Citizens» in the Ministry of Public Sector Development commenced on the 17th of September 2016 and will last until June 2019 .

The budget devoted is EUR 2.165 MEUR. The overall objective of the project is to support public finance and public administration reforms aiming to enhance accountability and public service delivery through improved Government performance. Its purpose is to directly support the specific objectives of the Ministry of Public Sector Development and Ministry of information and communication Technology in the implementation of its ‘’Government Performance Development Program 2016 -2020”, which aims at enhancing public services provided to citizens, enhancing transparency and accountability and performance in the public sector. The main result to be achieved by the implementation of project Activities is improved service delivery in several sectors.

The project’s Activities and foreseen tasks to be implemented are:

l.Activity 1: Sector restructuring and realignment

Foreseen Tasks:

  • Carry out studies of all MDAs in a selected sector
  • Establish recommendations for those MDA's role, mandate, by-laws, regulatory functions, organization structure, governance arrangements, and staffing levels
  • Identify overlaps and duplication with options for rationalization
  • Recommend a revised set of structures and revised "governance" arrangements
  • Note required changes to legislation
  • Guidance, oversight and change management

l.Activity 2: Review and assessment of the Regulatory Environment in a selected Sector (Business Sector)

Foreseen Tasks:

  • Collect, analyses and assess all existing legislation and corresponding Regulatory Processes
  • Propose a model for Regulatory Simplification (RIA) in a selected Sector (Business Sector)
  • Implementation of Regulatory Simplification solutions in the selected sector
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Activity3: Service delivery reengineering and Design of Shared Services

Foreseen Tasks:

  • Identify priority projects through brief feasibility studies
  • Implement several "service delivery reengineering" projects to improve the efficient registration and follow of citizens
  • Setting up "shared service centers"
  • Monitoring & Evaluation of the implementation of "shared service centers"
  • Activity 4: The Voice of the Citizen

Foreseen Tasks:

  • Sub-contract a media firm to develop the web design and implement the "citizen observatory concept"
  • Develop the web design and implement the " citizen observatory concept"
  • Assist in implementing a Voice of the Citizen campaign
  • Conduct a survey of citizen perceptions
  • Activity 5: Communication and visibility activities

Foreseen Tasks:

  • A road map for increasing visibility of the PAR
  • Increased visibility of the public administration reform
  • Activity 6: Technical Assistance for the functioning of PAR Task Forces/clusters/Value chains/Digital Jordan 2020

Foreseen Tasks:

  • A road Coordination and facilitation to the implementation of the tasks of the PAR Task Forces/Clusters/Value Chains/Digital Jordan 2020


Under this project Dajani Consulting carried out several intervention including :


  • Creation of visibility strategy for the project . This included :
  • Review the Project’s visibility materials and promotional items for branding.
  • Prepared content for the Project’s visibility materials
  • Prepared  and delivered feedback on the draft  RFP  for E-services/ MOICT
  • Communication plan for  Company control directorate CD reengineered services
  • Communication plan for  NAF reengineered services
  • Prepared the press release for the Workshop
  • Prepared media coverage report for the Workshop
  • Prepared email Shot for the press release

Service Delivery Reengineering and design of Shared Services

Dajani Consulting carried-out re-engineering of processes for different government organizations including Greater Amman Municipalities , Company control directorate , Ministry of Education and National Aid Fund by applying the following services:

  1. Determine a high-level baseline and vision for indicators selected during the reengineering of the services
  2. Update all processes of the organization preparing current processes flowcharts
  3. Support in defining the implementation needs (Organizational, functional, HR, IT, Financial)
  4. Carry out organization reviews, assessments, and gap analysis, makes recommendations for required changes, helps design new structures and jobs, and works to redesign management processes, and regulatory functions to meet quality standards and organizational strategic objectives.
  5. Determine the expected impact of the reengineering on the performance indicators which were identified earlier for measuring the effectiveness of the processes using the most modern tools (i.e. simulation tools, such as pilot implementation of selected processes or at a specific level of the institution). 
  6. Create detailed process maps and develop user documentation
  7. Elaborate implementation Guidelines
  8. Proposes the establishment of electronic links between government institutions where exchanging data will facilitate the provision of services.
  9. Assist in guidance, oversight and change management on proposed new services processes
  10. Liaise with all levels of Administration and staff in the delivery of Technical Assistance services and the provision of consulting support; works closely with Department Managers to support the delivery of Program and Department Services;
  11. Liaise on a frequent basis with various levels of government counterparts, the general public, and external consultants and Donors for the exchange of information and/or provision of specialist advice/knowledge.
  12. Give advice and develops interventions about impacts resulting from the service processes changes to the  whole organization changes 

Review and Assessment of the Regulatory Environment in the Business Sector

Dajani Consulting was involved in revision and assessment of Jordan Regulatory business environment for business sectors including:

  • Collected, analyzed and assessed all existing legislation and corresponding Regulatory Processes.
  • Reviewed, Analysed and diagnoses all corresponding Regulatory Processes in view of their relevance, simplification ease of control, and predictable outcomes
  • Mapped laws and regulations affecting the services in the selected business  sector
  • Prepares a comparative table highlighting the differences between the main provisions of the laws in the selected sector and the provisions of legislation on the same topics in EU and other countries, in cooperation with the TAT.
  • Prepared an inventory of the main and most burdensome/problematic business licenses, permits, and other requirements that are necessary in the selected sector

Coaches Administrative Staff at all levels of the organization to expand their knowledge on Regulatory Assessment and simplification


TVET Sector Organizational Assessment - TVET Council HR Restructuring

Based on TVET reform strategy, the Government of Jordan (GoJ) started with the design and partial implementation of a new structure for the coordination of the E-TVET sector, with the E-TVET Council at its heart. A consortium led by GOPA Consultants and Dajani Consulting was awarded a two-year project with a budget of 3 Million EUROS to support the upgrading and development of E-TVET sector in Jordan. The overall objective of the project is to support Jordan’s Employment and TVET reform efforts and related interventions in order to improve the long-term relevance, efficiency, equity, as well as institutional and financial sustainability of the Jordanian Employment and TVET system.

Gap analysis and implementation approach for the inspection HR framework in Jordan

It aimed to review the Ministry of Labor inspectorate HR framework and compare it to the Jordanian Civil Service system in order to identify any mismatch between the two, which could be an impediment to its implementation. It also aimed at proposing an implementation approach to serve as guidance to the government in implementing the framework. The project was funded by the World Bank Group’s Trade and Competitiveness Global Practice (T&C) – IFC.

Performance Appraisal System for Mid Contracting Company

Dajani Consulting has developed a full employees performance appraisal system for 300 employees of Mid Contracting (the largest construction contractors in Jordan). The project consisted of review of job descriptions and development of key performance indicators for all job titles within the company.


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