Investment Promotion

Investment Promotion

Countries are competing to secure high-quality domestic and foreign direct investments (FDIs), and to do so, many techniques and expertise are used. The hunt for investments is a process built on international principles, and investment promotion officers should possess the required knowledge and skills to search, attract and retain investors.

The Investment Promotion (IP) comprehensive training program is compiled from several training courses, divided according to the level of investment promotion officers. The Investment Promotion (IP) training program includes the following topics/courses:


  • Basic concepts of investment and FDI
  • Investment promotion and selling skills
  • Personal skills for promotion officers (communication, time management, investor care)


  • Establishing an investment promotion unit
  • Investment map and investment promotion strategy
  • Development of networks and partnerships
  • Location branding and image building


  • Investment intelligence and investor prospecting
  • Investor aftercare program
  • Evaluation of investment promotion activities and results
  • Utilizing information technology for electronic promotion

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