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World Food Program household survey

World Food Program (WFP) contracted Dajani Consulting for one year duration subject to extension for additional two years (long term agreement) to carry out nationwide data collection of qualitative and quantitative data for the beneficiaries of World Food Program, mainly Syrian refugees and Jordanian hosting community households . Data collection methods will include:

I. Face to Face household interviews with beneficiaries: with 2,000 – 8,000 households in each round.

II. Focus Group Discussions (FGD): around 100 FGD per year.

III. Key Informant Interviews (KII): around 200 KII during each cycle of data collection.

The data collection will be divided on several rounds, and will target Jordanian and Non – Jordanian population throughout the country. The process of data collection will involve selection of enumerators, training, support to field and testing of survey tools, implementation of quality assurance throughout the process. Including compilation, cleaning and drafting operation briefs and final report with lessons learned.

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