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National Teachers Survey – Save the Children


One of the projects that the Save the Children works in partnership with the Jordanian Ministry of Education is "Building the capacity of teachers and the educational process in government schools" project which aims to affect social welfare Career for educational cadres and building their technical, psychological and social skills and capabilities, which will be implemented in Jordan in the three regions (north, center, south). Part of this project is the national teachers survey, which was awarded to Dajani Consulting. The goal of the survey process is the collection of reliable and representative data on the level and quality of a teacher’s social welfare.

The survey focuses on the factors affecting the emotional social and professional well-being of the teacher, which reflects on his/her happiness, his/her health and satisfaction with his/her job, and the relationship of this to the student's well-being and development. The technical team at the Save the Children, and the Educational Research Department of the Ministry of Education are responsible for designing and testing national survey and survey questions. Therefore, Dajani Consulting is expected to carry out the following:

  • Adequate understanding of the project context and study goal.
  • Conduct 5 focus groups (10 teachers for each group to come up with suggested questions for the study)
  • Designing a national survey, including 30 closed and open questions (quantitative and fewer qualitative questions).
  • Conducting a personal survey (individual face-to-face interview with each teacher) for a maximum duration of 45 minutes.
  • Work in cooperation with Save the Children to pilot a study tool with 20 schools all over Jordan.
  • Participating in the process of defining the criteria for selecting the representative sample of teachers in coordination with the concerned authorities including the Ministry of Education / Educational Research Department and the technical team from Save the Children.
  • Implementing the national survey study on more than 2,000 teachers (in about 150 schools and 12 governorates) all over Jordan.
  • Analyze data and determine patterns of behavior and trends.

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