Market Studies

Market Studies

The Middle East is considered to be a promising market, due to its high population density, excellent purchase power, consumption pattern and consumer diversity, particularly in the Gulf countries. These factors make it attractive market for foreign investors. As such, in order to introduce or promote a commodity or service, careful study and planning is required. Competition is assessed during the market study using several tools and indicators.We analyze the competitive environment in a client's target country or market, in order to determine whether market entry is advisable. Our work addresses the fundamental question - can money be made here? By providing our clients with a detailed overview of their main competitors, their prices and the fiscal environment, we present them with likelihood of success according to their objectives.We also provide answers to specific questions brought about by clients regarding a particular sector of the economy and other market players in that sector as well as give strategic guidance to companies interested in obtaining in-depth insights into the competitive landscape of a particular location.

Market Surveys

Thousands of commodity producers and service providers storm the markets with innovative products throughout the year, but few of them succeed in gaining the highest market share. Special market survey services are demanded to investigate the potential of Middle Eastern markets, using a range of data collection, polls, perception, awareness measurement and public consensus tools. Moreover, numerous organizations and entities are interested in learning more about the behaviors, patterns and aspects of certain segments as a result of factors or interventions affecting these segments, and the only reliable source for such information is the structured market survey.When it comes to market surveys, Dajani Consulting is one of the strongest companies in Jordan and the region, owing to our network of field surveyors. Our tools are researched, designed and tested by our own specialized consultants who work rigorously in achieving the desired information.We utilize face-to-face surveys, telephone surveys, focus group sessions and other market survey methods. No matter the size of the survey, we can complete it in a reasonable period of time. By effectively utilizing large numbers of surveyors, we have managed countless nationwide surveys.Our statistician and quality control personnel ensure the survey's results are delivered accurately and interpreted according to the client's needs.Our staff includes full time surveyors, data entry, quality control personnel and analysts. Our objective is to achieve high quality market research that yields sound and valid conclusions by reaching maximum survey response rates. Consequently, we were able to provide the most appropriate recommendations for decision makers in an effort to develop future policies and actions.

Sector Studies

Countries usually rely on certain sectors in supporting their existence and development, while other sectors remain weak or unnoticed. Improvement and support of these other sectors depend on deep diagnosis and analysis of representative members of the sector as divided according to sub-sectors, size and specific economic activities.Commonly, sector diagnosis targets the major operations of the sector such as production, HR, marketing and financial systems.Our sector studies are multifaceted and may take different forms depending on the client's needs. The studies we provide may range from a certain sector aspect, to a full sector profile, or even investment opportunities within a sector. Regardless of your sector inquiries, all of our studies include sector profiles, analysis of the sector, and recommendations for future developments.

Mystery Shopping

Service quality and customer care are critical factors in the service sector. Large-scale service companies usually face difficulties in measuring customer's satisfaction directly, and so they turn to mystery shopping as a technique to control the quality of service at branches and outlets nationally and internationally.Mystery Shopping is technique that we have mastered at Dajani Consulting. Through careful planning, we can measure the level of service being provided for clients by any organization. Our findings and recommendations will help improve your customer service level and allow you to learn more about your competitors.Our approach is holistic as we offer an array of employee and customer surveys using different methodologies. We design the survey depending on your needs, in order to provide a total solution, and by inserting the results into a system; we can also create specially designed training programs or consultancy assignments that lead to specific improvements where needed.


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