Dajani Consulting understands that economic growth and development are contingent upon attracting investments from both domestic and foreign sources, and competing successfully in export markets. As such, we possess a thorough understanding of sources of competitive advantage, and can assist businesses in developing and exploiting investment opportunities based on these advantages. We provide effective strategies to identify potential investors, and promote specific investment opportunities through our research expertise on both a sectoral and geographical basis.We also recognize that for a company to maintain its position as a market leader, it must be capable of addressing the most complex and challenging issues of today’s global market.


Investment Promotion

We work closely with governments and organizations throughout the region to provide them with investment promotion capacity building. We enhance their capacities to promote investment opportunities and assist them in targeting and attracting foreign investment through well-defined studies on investment promotion activities and implementation methodologies; image building strategies; preparation of investment promotion materials; and capacity building and human resource needs assessments.We have experience in investor prospecting, international market intelligence, cold calls, and preparation of sales propositions for investors.


Public and Private Partnerships

With increasing demands on public expenditure worldwide, the concept of public private partnership, which entails minimum consumption of government budgets, is fast becoming the foremost solution to fulfilling immediate and long-term development plans of countries.In the strive towards motivating the private sector to participate in the infrastructure development of nations, Public Private Partnership initiatives command the capitalization of private sector resources for the greater benefit of the public and private sectors, as is evident from the successful infrastructure projects that have been carried out as a result of the contribution of the private sector.Dajani Consulting provides services to public private partnership initiatives, beginning with the creation and implementation of full transactions, through to the signing of agreements with the private sector. We have worked with governments to develop feasibility studies and terms of reference to solicit investors, in addition to evaluating investor proposals, and finally, selecting and negotiating with preferred bidders.


Investment Climate

A stable and sound investment climate is critical for domestic and foreign investments. Investment climate development is a priority for many governments throughout the Middle East, particularly considering that numerous international economic rankings and indices such as the World Competitiveness Report, Doing Business Report and Investment Climate Assessment measure this aspect as a comparison between competing countries.Dajani Consulting is well-experienced in conducting investment climate assessments and providing solutions for investment climate development. Furthermore, by moderating policy reforms and hosting focus group sessions, we have assisted governments in improving their investment climates.


Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

In the Middle East, SMEs represent 95% of total number of companies, making them the major drivers for development and employment. Dajani Consulting has been providing technical assistance and consultancy services to SMEs in the region for years. Our technical assistance to SMEs includes the provision of feasibility studies, business plans, market plans, market research, policy analysis, export promotion, and sector studies. We also provide support in soft business skills development.


Economic Feasibility Studies

Any investor is usually motivated by the expected size of return on investment and profits when thinking of a new project. Middle Eastern countries are adopting policies to enhance investment in certain sectors such as advanced agriculture, electronic technology and renewable energy. As a result, many potential investors seek consulting services which provide them with accurate answers about economic feasibility of project ideas.Dajani Consulting has carried out hundreds of feasibility studies. In fact, we are one of the most favorable consulting firms among clients. One of the primary reasons being that our feasibility studies are realistic in nature as we clearly define the supply and the demand present in the market, listing the technical requirements and drawing out all the financial analysis needed.


Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs)

Dajani Consulting has previous experience in investor prospecting, international market intelligence, cold calling of investors, and preparation of sales propositions for investors. Experience was gained by working with governmental organizations on the attraction of FDIs.


Investment References


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